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How to use symbols for greater impact in charts

Using sym­bols to rep­re­sent data can increase impact and under­stand­ing of the under­ly­ing data. In this post, I’ll dis­cuss some best prac­tices for doing this suc­cess­fully in charts, maps, and dia­grams. The fol­low­ing weather sym­bols are used to show driz­zle, rain, and snow a. The sym­bols look roughly like driz­zle, rain­drops, and snowflakes: They are […]

Use Metadata to improve reporting portals (2 of 9 Best Practices)

Meta­data is crit­i­cal to to help the user find the reports he or she are look­ing for as it adds addi­tional infor­ma­tion about what’s in the reports. What’s meta­data? Strictly it is “data about data” or addi­tional descrip­tions, tags, fields that describe the data or report. Here’s a sug­ges­tion for small report­ing por­tals: Brief description […]

Categorizing Big Data Startups

How to cat­e­go­rize Big Data Com­pa­nies? These com­pa­nies are a mix of star­tups and exist­ing com­pa­nies. One way to think of them is as fol­lows: Data: Com­pa­nies cre­at­ing data, seg­men­ta­tion, con­tent, data over­lays and repack­ag­ing of exist­ing data. (eg Rapleaf, Dow Jones, National Weather Ser­vice) Infra­struc­ture: Com­pa­nies cre­at­ing tools to man­age, store, deliver, opti­mize, monitor, […]

Naming Data Reports to Enhance Findability (1 of 9 Best practices for reporting portals)

Very often a project or pro­gram will need a report­ing por­tal. It may start as a small folder for reports and grows with the project. Even “Big Data” projects can have mul­ti­ple small report­ing por­tals sep­a­rate from the main report­ing por­tal. In this arti­cle, I will share with you some best prac­tices to make a […]

What is Big Data + Wordclouds

What is Big Data? There seem to be many def­i­n­i­tions and descrip­tions. One way to try an uncover what the term means is through word clouds and phrase clouds. Using ManyEyes, I visu­al­ized an arti­cle from O’Reilly enti­tled “What is Big Data?” . Here are the clouds: The tag cloud seems to do a better […]