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[p] Interesting Big Data

As an exper­i­ment, I’ve cre­ated a series of pin boards on Pin­ter­est cov­er­ing Big Data Star­tups Map­ping and Car­tograms Cool visu­als Big Data Ideas Visu­al­iza­tion and Chart­ing Word maps and clouds Big Data Book­shelf At this point, my thoughts are that Pin­ter­est is a great ser­vice to take snap­shots of inter­est­ing things related to big […]

How to better organize reporting to make data more findable (Best Practices for Reporting Portals 3 of 9)

After adding meta­data to reports, orga­niz­ing indi­vid­ual reports into fold­ers will help users get to the right reports quickly. For a small report set (10 – 15 reports), the eas­i­est thing is to put the files at the top level (not in a folder) and use the meta­data (title, descrip­tion, update) to guide the user […]