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Graphing Accuracy of Forecasts

Graph­ing a series of mul­ti­year fore­casts vs. actu­als can pro­vide insight into fore­cast accu­racy and meth­ods. This graph looks at a series of rev­enue per share pro­jec­tions for Apple Note that none of the fore­casts showed the expo­nen­tial growth, but assumed essen­tially lin­ear growth. (the fore­cast lines are gray and extend for mul­ti­ple years. Actuals […]

Learning Power Pivot

Pow­er­Pivot is a great free add-​in for Excel from Microsoft that enables sophis­ti­cated busi­ness intel­li­gence solu­tions and dash­boards in three ways: Process mil­lions of records from mul­ti­ple data­bases, files, and other data streams Join tables and data in Excel , spec­ify rela­tion­ships with­out need­ing build queries in SQL or Access. Build sophis­ti­cated analy­ses based on […]

Cartogram of the US Election

Car­togram of the US elec­tion in 2004. The size of each box is pro­por­tional to elec­toral votes, color is the can­di­date, and layout/​shape is roughly the same as geo­graphic place­ment. From this it’s poss­ble to see the West, North­east and North­ern Midwest …

Heat Map Example /​Soccer field

Heat map of soc­cer field: the soc­cer field is divided into twenty 5.35m seg­ments. The num­bers rep­re­sent the total num­ber of passes from that sec­tion. Col­ors are cor­re­lated with num­bers of passes (green — yel­low — red are low to high). From Ratio­nal Foot­ball blog.

Are data journalists the new bloggers?

How do open source data analy­sis and visu­al­iza­tions by indi­vid­u­als com­pare to big data projects by data sci­en­tists using cut­ting edge soft­ware and infra­struc­ture? Some clue may lie in look­ing at the impact of blog­ging on pro­fes­sional jour­nal­ism. A few years ago I worked for Lycos and helped launch a blog­ging tool. Blog­ging was pretty […]