Monthly Archives: April 2013

Chart of the Week: Gun Regulation by State

The UK Guardian news­pa­per recently pub­lished an inter­ac­tive ring dia­gram show­ing gun reg­u­la­tion by US states. It’s an attrac­tive dia­gram but makes so many ele­men­tary mis­takes in chart­ing that it fails to sum­ma­rize the data in a mean­ing­ful way. Analy­sis: If the graph makes a sin­gle point, it’s that all states reg­u­late whether a weapon […]

Chart of the week: Population Pyramids, Vases and Wedges

Pop­u­la­tion pyra­mids show pop­u­la­tion data by gen­der and age group. They are effec­tive in show­ing changes over time. This chart of Japan demo­graph­ics through 2050 appeared in The Econ­o­mist: This shows three pyra­mids: Male on left, right hand side females from 1950, 2005, and 2050. (2050 is pro­jec­tion based on cur­rent trends). From 1950 to […]