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Featured Grid: Climatology and Home Design

In a book pub­lished in the 1950s enti­tled Cli­ma­tol­ogy and Archi­tec­ture, the author presents a matrix of rooms in a house vs. com­pass direc­tion. The author’s rec­om­mended place­ments are indi­cated with a sym­bol. Here’s the orig­i­nal graphic: It’s an inter­est­ing graphic but the reader needs to “work” a lot to under­stand and find mean­ing and […]


First post for 2014. After almost 2 years of blog­ging, I want to reshape the blog a bit. There are three steps to mak­ing data dri­ven deci­sions: 1) Col­lect, aggre­gate, and process the right data. 2) Ana­lyze, orga­nize, and visu­al­ize to begin to find mean­ing. 3) Get insights, draw con­clu­sions, and take action Begin­ning in […]