Area Proportional Venn Diagrams

Venn dia­grams are great for under­stand­ing how sets inter­sect and relate to each other, but most don’t indi­cate quan­tity. So if you have a set that shows pet own­er­ship (some own dogs, some dogs and fish,etc):


With a pro­por­tional Venn dia­gram, you add the dimen­sion of size or count. For exam­ple, Peo­ple who own a dog+cats (ab) would be much big­ger than those own­ing a dog and fish (ac). Here are three exam­ples using cir­cles, ellipses, and rec­tan­gles to show pro­por­tional relationships:

Here’s an exam­ple of a pro­por­tional Venn Dia­gram using circles:


Here’s an exam­ple using Ellipses:


Here is a pro­por­tional Venn dia­gram with rec­tan­gles. To me it seems much eas­ier to per­ceive rel­a­tive pro­por­tions — note how easy it is to see the dif­fer­ence between AB and AC:rectanglevenn


  • Euler APE can pro­duce both cir­cles and ellipses.
  • Draw Venn pro­duces rectangles
  • BioVenn cicles — opti­mized for bio­log­i­cal (genetic) series.

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