Big Data BBQ: Incredients, Tools, Techniques, Recipes & Meals

Big Data BBQ will focus on the emer­gence of big data — large vol­umes of data, ways to ana­lyze and find mean­ing in them, and meth­ods of visu­al­iz­ing and report­ing on data to make core busi­ness deci­sions. While it’s not a tech­ni­cal blog, at times it will look at the tech­ni­cal infra­struc­ture if it impacts com­bin­ing data and deriv­ing mean­ing from it. Arti­cles will be posted in the fol­low­ing categories:

  • Ingre­di­ents — data, com­bin­ing data, both qual­i­ta­tive and quantitative
  • Tools — help­ful tools for man­ag­ing, ana­lyz­ing, and report­ing on data
  • Tech­niques — means of analy­sis and deal­ing with large vol­umes of data
  • Recipes — com­bin­ing data with analy­sis for reports, dash­boards, and charts
  • Meals — cre­at­ing dash­boards and full report sets based on data

Most of it will be words, images, charts, and sam­ple data/​worksheets which are cus­tom writ­ten for this blog.

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