Big Data Bookshelf: Data Points: Visualization that Means Something

In the newly released book Data Points: Vsu­al­iza­toin that Means Some­thing, Nathan Yau (Flow­ing Data blog) shares his ideas on under­stand­ing, visu­al­iz­ing, and ana­lyz­ing data.

Data Points

The exam­ples are use­ful and imple­mentable. Many focus on sets of graphs with mul­ti­ple dimen­sions of data, rather than a sin­gle chart type. The author also presents ideas and exam­ples of solv­ing typ­i­cal visu­al­iza­tion prob­lems, such as visu­al­iz­ing cat­e­gor­i­cal data from three per­spec­tives: dis­crete cat­e­gories (bar charts), parts of a whole (pie and 100% bar), and sub­cat­e­gories (tree maps and mosaic plots).
Quick sum­mary: Rec­om­mended — great source of ideas on how to think about and com­mu­ni­cate data visu­ally. Not too aca­d­e­mic, not too nuts-​and-​bolts — good balance.

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