Big Data Bookshelf : DAX Formulas for PowerPivot

Power­pivot is an addin for Microsoft Excel which enables analy­sis of larger data sets (>1M rows) within Excel and also more sophis­ti­cated analy­sis that typ­i­cally would involve mul­ti­ple SQL queries with com­plex data joins. I blogged about learn­ing Pow­er­pivot last year. One of the dif­fi­cult things is the lack of usable doc­u­men­ta­tion or cook­books on how to use DAX the new lan­guage MS has cre­ated for the tool. I came across this book in the book­store — almost zine like in for­mat, it has prac­ti­cal, use­ful ways to use Pow­er­pivot for data analy­sis (and how to avoid the traps). It’s a bit pricy at $29.00, but worth the invest­ment. Recommended.

DAX For­mu­las for Power Pivot

DAX Formulas for Powerpivot by Rob Collier

DAX For­mu­las for Pow­er­pivot by Rob Collier

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