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Chart of the Week: Timeline+Segmentation+ Scatterplot

Information-​dense charts show mul­ti­ple rela­tion­ships in data in a sin­gle, chart. They take more time to read/​review, but pro­vide deeper insights. This week’s exam­ple from R.W Brun­skill’Illus­trated Hand­book of Ver­nac­u­lar Archi­tec­ture shows the evo­lu­tion of “ver­nac­u­lar archi­tec­ture”. Ver­nac­u­lar archi­tec­ture ” will have been designed by an ama­teur, prob­a­bly of the occu­pier of the intended building […]

Book of the Week: History of Topographical Maps

The His­tory of Topo­graph­i­cal Maps by P D A Har­vey is a schol­arly sur­vey of how the topo­graph­i­cal map was devel­oped, begin­ning in clas­si­cal antiq­uity through medieval times. I saw it in a local used book­shop in Red­mond near my house. Car­tog­ra­phy has always fas­ci­nated me, esoe­cially the­matic maps that visu­al­ize data. The book looks […]