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Navigating Taxonomic Content

Effec­tive con­tent tool from Wikipedia for nav­i­gat­ing con­tent relat­ing tax­o­nomic nav­i­ga­tion for the ani­mal king­dom. This exam­ple shows the Euro­pean Hedge­hog. It com­bines a photo, con­ser­va­tion sta­tus, bino­mial name (Latin name) tax­o­nomic clas­si­fi­ca­tion , and maps of dis­tri­b­u­tion. It’s pos­si­ble to nav­i­gate from species to fam­ily to order and then back to spe­cific gen­era and […]

Book of the Week: The Periodic Table: Its Story and Significance

Orga­niz­ing the chem­i­cal ele­ments into reg­u­larly recur­ing cat­e­gories was a major step in the his­tory of chemisty. The Russ­ian chemist Mendeleev played an impor­tant role in cre­at­ing the mod­ern peri­odic table, and look­ing at how he got there pro­vides some ideas for orga­niz­ing, clas­si­fy­ing, and ana­lyz­ing large data sets. First, the ideas around peri­od­ic­ity evolved […]

New Tool: Graph Commons

Graph Com­mons is a new tool that I’m play­ing with. Sim­i­lar to sites like Many Eyes, you can upload data, cre­ate graphs, and share with other com­mu­nity mem­bers. The tool focuses on net­work dia­grams. Here’s an exam­ple of how a tax­on­omy for archi­tec­tural types based on the book Isms: Under­stand­ing Archi­tec­ture. I will try to […]

Classifying Sporks, Spifes, and Knorks…

How do you clas­sify eat­ing uten­sils and odd hybrids like sporks (spoon-​fork), spifes (spoon-​knife), knorks (knife-​fork), sporfs and splayds(spoon-fork-knife)? One way is to clas­sify by uten­sil and com­bi­na­tion of uten­sils: Fork: semi to solid foods Spoon: liq­uids to semi-​solid foods Knife — solid foods (for prepa­ra­tion) Spork: Fork-​Spoon — liq­uids to solid foods Knork: Fork-​knife– […]