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First post for 2014. After almost 2 years of blog­ging, I want to reshape the blog a bit. There are three steps to mak­ing data dri­ven deci­sions: 1) Col­lect, aggre­gate, and process the right data. 2) Ana­lyze, orga­nize, and visu­al­ize to begin to find mean­ing. 3) Get insights, draw con­clu­sions, and take action Begin­ning in […]

Start-​Cap — RFID enabled bottle cap

Start-​cap is a bot­tle­cap with embed­ded RFID capa­bil­ity. It’s still exper­i­men­tal, but some ideas its cre­ators have explored are “flash-​mob” like actions. The cap can enable a glit­ter can­non in a bar or turn on a spot­light in a bar. It will be inter­est­ing to see what hap­pens when the indi­vid­ual caps inter­act with each […]

Soda Machines & Big Data

Con­sider the stan­dard soda machine. Typ­i­cally it will have 5 types of soda. (eg cola, diet cola, caf­feine free cola, diet caf­feine free cola, fla­vored soda (cherry eg). In most cases, it’s pretty sim­ple: each week it will be loaded with soda, emp­tied of coins, and put back into oper­a­tion. A savvy vend­ing machine operator […]

How Big Data will impact your life…

Why is Big Data impor­tant? What is it? A good way to think about Big Data is through an exam­ple of a “smart device”, the ther­mo­stat. With the stan­dard ana­log ther­mo­stat, you turn the dial to increase or decrease tem­per­a­ture and there is a sen­sor which turns on or off the heat­ing and cool­ing system. […]