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Grasping data through physical models

Is it eas­ier to glean insights from data using a phys­i­cal model? Most of the advances in tech­nol­ogy (data visu­al­iza­tion, chart­ing, inter­ac­tive graph­ics) have made it much eas­ier to get insights using on-​screen imag­ing. By and large they have replaced phys­i­cal con­struc­tion and draw­ing of charts with rulers, com­passes, and inks. But what if we […]

Graphing Accuracy of Forecasts

Graph­ing a series of mul­ti­year fore­casts vs. actu­als can pro­vide insight into fore­cast accu­racy and meth­ods. This graph looks at a series of rev­enue per share pro­jec­tions for Apple Note that none of the fore­casts showed the expo­nen­tial growth, but assumed essen­tially lin­ear growth. (the fore­cast lines are gray and extend for mul­ti­ple years. Actuals […]

How to better organize reporting to make data more findable (Best Practices for Reporting Portals 3 of 9)

After adding meta­data to reports, orga­niz­ing indi­vid­ual reports into fold­ers will help users get to the right reports quickly. For a small report set (10 – 15 reports), the eas­i­est thing is to put the files at the top level (not in a folder) and use the meta­data (title, descrip­tion, update) to guide the user […]