Creating 3D paper models to visualize data

An inter­est­ing way to grasp data is to hold a model in your hand and expe­ri­ence it in 3D through a paper model. Below is a 3D pie chart visu­al­ize using paper.

3D piechart in paper

It was cre­ated by Nick O’ Leary, an engi­neer with IBM in the UK. Nick’s blog is here; he has cre­ated a cus­tom bar and pie chart tem­plate to make the paper mod­els. An inter­est­ing book on the topic is Math­e­mat­i­cal Mod­els by Cundy and Rolett, both of whom were influ­en­tial in the new math­e­mat­ics in the 1960s in Britain. The book is full of ideas on how to model math­e­mat­i­cal con­cepts using 3d mod­els in paper, wood, and plastic.

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