Featured Chart: Tokyo Metro Train Departures by Week

Info­graphic at Ginza Sta­tion, Tokyo on the Hibya Line. Left hand side shows week­day depar­tures by hour (5am through 12 mid­night) by minute. Right hand side shows Sat­ur­day and Hol­i­day depar­tures. It’s an effec­tive graphic that also shows that week­days have more fre­quent ser­vice, espe­cially in the morn­ings between 8-​9am, and it tapers off after 8 when most of the stores are closed.

Tokyo Metro , Ginza Station on the Hibya Line. This shows weekday vs. weekend train departures by hour and minute.

Tokyo Metro , Ginza Sta­tion on the Hibya Line. This shows week­day vs. week­end train depar­tures by hour and minute.

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