Featured Data Graphic: Visualizing City Data

Inter­est­ing mul­ti­vari­ate graphic shows mul­ti­ple city ast­trib­utes: sur­face area (cen­tral square), height of tallest build­ing, pop­u­la­tion, aver­age price of prop­erty, num­ber of vis­i­tors (4 right tri­an­gles) and mean tem­per­a­ture and rain­fall (charts). Each city is arranged by lat­i­tude (east to west) and lon­gi­tude (north– south) in a rough grid. Data is from pub­li­cally avail­able data source. Cereator is the Ital­ian design firm Accu­rat. The dia­gram is called Lis­bon is on a par with Hon­olulu. Here’s a sam­ple with the key:

City Comparison with key

City Com­par­i­son with key

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