Finding few best practices that have exponential results

How do you iden­tify best prac­tices which pro­duce expo­nen­tial results? If you are run­ning a mar­ket­ing pro­gram with 100 part­ners, how do you find the tac­tic or tac­tics which pro­duce not just a lin­ear return, but an expo­nen­tial one? Here’s a tech­nique which has worked for me in the past:

1. Look at each of the part­ners and how many units or rev­enues each has achieved. Cre­ate a dis­tri­b­u­tion based on per­cent­ages as fol­lows: 0– 19%, 20 – 39%, 40 – 59%, 60 – 79%, 80 – 100%.

2. Look closely at 80 – 100% part­ners and ask them “What did you do to achieve your results?” Find com­mon threads between the high per­form­ers and try to iso­late spe­cific prac­tices (e.g. fol­lowed up on lead with a par­tic­u­lar approach, bet­ter call list, var­ied sales script).

3. Look at the 0 – 19% and cre­ate a grid for what they did and did not do. See if there is a rough cor­re­la­tion between the high achiev­ers (what they did) and the low achiev­ers (what they did/​did not do)

4. Run a test cam­paign that empha­sizes best prac­tices of high achiev­ers as well as what not to do (low achiev­ers) and com­pare results.

Here’s an exam­ple of the tech­nique:
The three prac­tices (pay­ing for a qual­ity list, extra train­ing, and fol­low through on leads within a day) are likely to pro­duce bet­ter results. By run­ning a pilot test, it’s pos­si­ble to iden­tify how much these tech­niques increase results.

Segment Part­ner Paid for a
qual­ity list
Opti­mized Script Extra train­ing
for call cen­ter reps
Fol­low through on leads within 1 day Online click to
80% Part­ner 1 X X X
80% Part­ner 2 X X X X
80% Part­ner 3 X X X
5% Part­ner 4
5% Part­ner 5 X X X
5% Part­ner 6 X X

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