Learning Power Pivot

Pow­er­Pivot is a great free add-​in for Excel from Microsoft that enables sophis­ti­cated busi­ness intel­li­gence solu­tions and dash­boards in three ways:

  • Process mil­lions of records from mul­ti­ple data­bases, files, and other data streams
  • Join tables and data in Excel , spec­ify rela­tion­ships with­out need­ing build queries in SQL or Access.
  • Build sophis­ti­cated analy­ses based on pivot tables using DAX func­tions (sim­i­lar to Excel func­tions, but more powerful)

It’s a free addin from Microsoft and exists in 32 bit and 64 bit ver­sions.

Pow­er­Pivot (free down­load)
MSDN has exten­sive tuto­ri­als . and sam­ple datasets
Pow­er­Pivot Pro blog from a Pow­er­Pivot expert
Pow­er­Pivot for Excel 2010: Giv­ing Your Data Mean­ing
This book gives an overview of con­cepts and tech­niques with a lot
of exam­ples on inte­grat­ing data, cre­at­ing DAX for­mu­las, and build­ing
dash­boards and charts using Pow­er­pivot.

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