[p] Interesting Big Data

As an exper­i­ment, I’ve cre­ated a series of pin boards on Pin­ter­est covering

Big­Data BBQ pin boards (pinterest.com/bigdatabbq)

At this point, my thoughts are that Pin­ter­est is a great ser­vice to take snap­shots of inter­est­ing things related to big data, charts, maps, and other data visu­al­iza­tion. I wish it were bet­ter inte­grated into my blog or that there were a Word­Press plu­gin to eas­ily repli­cate the pin boards. Specif­i­cally things I’d like to do with the pin­boards is orga­nize the con­tent within the boards into sub­cat­e­gories or some axes so for exam­ple, in the maps and car­tograms sec­tion, there would be group­ings like geo­graphic vs. sta­tis­ti­cal data or maps vs cartograms.

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