Smart Fork — Big Data and Healthy Eating

hapi labs is intro­duc­ing a “smart fork” at CES this year. It is a fork with a built in sen­sor to track:

  • Fork serv­ings — how long it takes from the plate to the mouth
  • The amount of “fork serv­ings” taken per minute.
  • Inter­vals between “fork servings”.
  • How long it took to eat a meal.

The user can upload and share data with the com­mu­nity via a por­tal. Goal is to encour­age healthy, slow eat­ing habits. It con­nects with data from other devices the com­pany offers. In pre­re­lease now — avail­able in US for $99. Per­haps the next prod­uct will be the Smart Spork

Smart Fork from Hapi Labs

Smart Fork from Hapi Labs

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